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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we often hear from people who contact us.

Can I get a price list?
Roughneck does not have a price list. However, you can complete our bid request form to get our sales and estimating staff started on a customized quote for you.

Why don't you have a price list?
Every job is different, even if it might look the same on the surface.

For example, let's say someone would like us to drill 50 holes. Although three customers might all want us to drill 50 holes, their requests might involve three completely different scenarios — and three different prices.

Scenario A: Roughneck drills 50 six-inch-diameter holes, all on the same floor in the same room, through a wall that is six inches thick.

Scenario B: Roughneck drills 50 six-inch-diameter holes, all on different floors, and the floor is 24-inch-think arched clay tile. This request involves significantly increased setup and drill time over Scenario A.

Scenario C: Roughneck drills 50 six-inch-diameter holes in a wall that is 18 inches thick. This request involves a lot more setup time than drilling 50 holes in a floor; it also requires a lot more time for drilling.

As you can see, all these jobs involve drilling 50 six-inch diameter holes. But they are all very different in terms of their location, as well as the thickness of the material being drilled through. The amount of steel encountered in each hole varies widely as well, which can increase or decrease drilling time.

How quickly can Roughneck send someone to my work site?
A Roughneck team can be at your location within 24 hours — sometimes even the same day.

How can I reach someone after hours?
Someone from Roughneck Concrete is available to take your call, 24 hours a day. Just call our Morton Grove, Ill., office at (847) 966-6666.

Don't see your question answered above? E-mail Murrill Murphy at or call (847) 966-6666.